2015 Renacimiento Calendar

The calendars are just for fun. Just because I like the look of them.  Just because they make me happy.  And because they say "Renacimiento" on them which is my favorite word of all time! I like that word so much I will call every single one of my shows that...until I get bored of… Continue reading 2015 Renacimiento Calendar

Art, Circles

my calendars

So one of the great things that happened for me is that a graphic designer stepped in to help me with my design needs.  She created this beautiful calendar to accompany my first Renacimiento show.  I loved them! Then I wanted to frame them in a cool looking way and make them easy to hang,… Continue reading my calendars


Current Art Show

It's so much fun showing art! I could get used to this. I could just show art here, there, anywhere, everywhere and have fun doing it! Gone are the days of anxiety about what people will think, who will see it, who won't, etc. And gone are the days of worried about who will buy… Continue reading Current Art Show