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I just thought of the idea that being "irrelevant" is a good way to be happy.  I'm not thinking of family and friends in this, but of personal impact on whatever part of the world I have thought I could change.  Right now, as I sink into my complete irrelevance, I can finally breathe out… Continue reading irrelevance


the eyes of texas

The eyes of Texas are upon you. That's quite creepy. What's worse are the eyes in your head that are upon you. How many people's eyes are you looking through at yourself wondering if you are walking the line correctly or not?  When was the last time you said "Enough with this!" and set yourself free?The… Continue reading the eyes of texas

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the answer

the answer waits patiently underneath the layers of all the things you think you already know ~ These words came as a message to me from my own self.  Or from god, however you want to put it.  It might have also come from a guardian angel that I tend to keep very busy; or… Continue reading the answer