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end the game

Right now I'm seeing the need to end the game.  This bullshit game that we play as humans on earth.  We compete, we fight, we tear others down. We don't let other's walk their own path. We call them inferior, or superior, which is an equal crime. Envy makes us grow fangs. We try to… Continue reading end the game


drugs, sex & alcohol

Good morning, buenos dias, bon matin! I woke up this morning with my mind racing with things to say to the world.  That's why I have this blog, for moments like this when I need to just spill it.  Just to warn you guys, I have no time to proof read, so what comes out… Continue reading drugs, sex & alcohol

Life Stories, My Art Journey, Philosophy

sor juana

About ten years ago I was reading a book on Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, and although I didn't understand her poetry, I loved her life's story.  This woman fascinated me with her fierce intellect.  I wanted to be like her. I don't think I will ever be the greatest Mexican poetess in history, but… Continue reading sor juana