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end the game

Right now I'm seeing the need to end the game.  This bullshit game that we play as humans on earth.  We compete, we fight, we tear others down. We don't let other's walk their own path. We call them inferior, or superior, which is an equal crime. Envy makes us grow fangs. We try to… Continue reading end the game

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Good morning loves! Today I am en-light-ened. That means, without burden. That means without guilt. That means light, as in not heavy. It does not mean 100% light, as in un-heavy, it just means enlightened, like, made a little more less-heavy. It means one more useless stone has been thrown from my boat. It means… Continue reading enlightenment

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it’s not about you

"It's not about you" are some of the most powerful words that have influenced my life. And they are the opening words to a book that annoyed the living daylights out of me: Purpose Driven Life. It annoyed me because there are parts where it talks about Christians this and Christians that, and I feel… Continue reading it’s not about you