gratefulness and great-full-ness

I am grateful for being great.  That's called Greatfull.  Or full of greatness. I am grateful that all humanity is great. I am grateful that we can clean the mud off the diamond. It's time. No, you don't need to feel shame for your feet that have no shoes. You are much more great than you… Continue reading gratefulness and great-full-ness



What Would a Caterpillar Do?   Would it suffer from low self-esteem   for not being a butterfly yet?   Would it beat itself on the head   to go faster, faster, faster?   Would it compete with its neighbor   and watch its likes on Facebook?   Would it  join a How-To-Become-a-Butterfly  support group?… Continue reading WWCD?

Life Stories, Prose


Good morning loves! Today I am en-light-ened. That means, without burden. That means without guilt. That means light, as in not heavy. It does not mean 100% light, as in un-heavy, it just means enlightened, like, made a little more less-heavy. It means one more useless stone has been thrown from my boat. It means… Continue reading enlightenment