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the scars of slavery

I wrote this entry in 2013 when I was living in Ithaca, NY. I am re-sharing it because it's a good representation of how I feel still. I know who this woman is and what she is feeling. I know as if I were alive in her time, standing next to her, watching the slave… Continue reading the scars of slavery

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gabriela your hands are too small to hold the whole world in them too small to carry the wishes of all the ones who go to sleep and wake up hoping their life will change your hands are too small to hold the hunger of the orphans their yearning and silent cries  that ears of modern,… Continue reading hands

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a day of art in rochester

I've been keeping myself very busy and flying under the radar. (Sometimes it's important to take deep resting/cocoon time off the record.) During cocoon time I've been listening to audio books, lying in the sun, exercising quite a bit, and doing random projects in the house. Then a friend asked me to drive with her… Continue reading a day of art in rochester