Life-Transformation Coach

I coach women on overcoming the major obstacles to their highest vision of success.


Painting has taught me to channel new awareness and create strong intuition.

Founder & Owner

R2 Society is a social platform, online school and coaching/mentoring site for people who do work that matters. It is a place to connect, get inspired, learn, have fun, improve your life and ultimately step into the impact role that you were born for.


Cult Survivor

I was born and raised in a dangerous, polygamist cult of which my father, Ervil LeBaron, was the leader. I was not allowed to experience the world nor attend public school until I was 20 years old (the cult was disbanded). At this time I was on my own to figure out my new life and reality, and later, heal my emotional trauma and PTSD. The little help I received took me a very long way! I learned to heal myself and coach others, and began seeing my life transform in meaningful ways.

I can now honestly say that I have won every battle I’ve fought, when it was a battle for my life and freedom. I have also learned to trust that Life does have a plan and all, in the end, will be just fine.


College for me was a near impossibility due to my sever case of PTSD, but I never stopped educating myself. Not only did I learn how to overcome any and all obstacles, I also learned about the world for I was extremely curious about all that I had never been exposed to during my earlier years.

After several years of living in Ithaca, NY and becoming ‘socialized’ by Ivy League grad students, professors and visiting scholars, I decided it was time to get my own degree.

I was accepted to Cornell University, where I mainly studied International Development, Business and International Trade.